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E-FileAre you hoping to receive a fast tax refund? Approximately 70 percent of taxpayers get a federal tax refund each year, and many of these individuals are looking to get a fast tax refund so they can start enjoying that extra infusion of cash ASAP! The average tax refund totals more than $2,500 - a good chunk of change - so you can't blame those taxpayers who are impatient. Getting your completed tax return in to the IRS in a timely manner is important, but there are other factors that can speed up (or slow down) the refund process. Read on to find out what you can do to get your refund in hand as quickly as possible.

With such innovations as e-filing, do-it-yourself tax software, and direct deposit options, it is easier than ever before to take steps to ensure a fast tax refund. There are several options for filing your taxes, and there are also a few different methods to receive your refund from the IRS.

  • Avoid "snail mail" when filing your return. Many older Americans have done their taxes the same way every year of their working lives: You pick up a paper tax packet with the basic forms, get any other necessary forms from an IRS or tax preparer's office, wait for all of the necessary information to come in the mail from employers and financial institutions, and then fill everything out by hand to drop in the mailbox to the IRS. Although this might be a familiar method, it is the least desirable option if you're seeking a fast tax refund; it can take over a month and a half to receive money back this way!

  • Use e-filing instead. Whether you do your taxes yourself, or have your return prepared by a professional, filing electronically is far quicker and more efficient. Over 100 million American taxpayers e-filed last year. In fact, e-filing is now required for any individual or entity who files more than 10 individual or trust returns. Aside from the fact that e-filing cuts out the transit time for a physical envelope to travel to - and be processed by - the IRS, it is also far faster because the IRS now utilizes electronic scanning to process tax forms. Hand-written information is difficult for the scanners to interpret, slowing down the process even more. In addition, most information from employers and banks is now available electronically, so it is easy to access the information you need right on your computer.

  • Double-check your information before sending! You should check all of your own work for typos, extra zeros, and missing information, and use available online assistance whenever you are unsure if you are using the correct information. Even minor mistakes in Social Security numbers, address information, or income figures may slow down the process, because any inconsistencies the IRS notices will require additional checking, preventing you from getting that fast tax refund you deserve.

  • Request direct deposit of your refund. With direct deposit, everything is accomplished electronically, so you are more likely to get a fast tax refund, as there is no time wasted in transit. Direct deposit is also a more secure option, because there is no possibility that your refund check could be lost in the mail or stolen before you get a chance to deposit it into your account. By choosing direct deposit, you may receive a tax refund in your bank account in as little as 10 days after e-filing! will help you get a fast tax refund in just three easy steps!

Playing the waiting game is frustrating when it comes to getting your hard-earned money back from Uncle Sam. If you are sick of checking your mailbox day after day, cut your wait time this year! At, we specialize in fast tax refunds. In fact, if you file using direct deposit, you can get this year's tax refund in as little as ten days! Learn more about our tax services.