Tax Deductions for Supervisors


If you're responsible for supervising other employees at your job, or ensuring that production is completed as scheduled, you're likely used to a lot of responsibility. As an employed supervisor, you should prepare to get the best benefit at tax time, which requires you to manage responsibility come tax season.

First, your employer will supply you with a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, which will list your income and withholdings for the tax year. Ensure that all information is correct on this form, as you will need it to file your tax return.

In some instances, you may have incurred expenses as a supervisor throughout the tax year. Consider deductions as a way to reduce the amount you owe in taxes, as long as the expenses are related to your job. You can claim expenses on a Schedule A, Itemized Deduction, though be aware a 2% AGI limitation applies.

You'll need receipts to document your expenses, though you can usually deduct dues and association fees, subscription costs to publications related to your industry, refreshments purchased for meetings, and supplies.

Education courses, including vocational training, refresher classes, or courses relating to new developments may be deductible, as long as they aren't taken for you to meet the basic requirements of your job. Additionally, classes that qualify you to work in a new industry can't be deductible. So production supervisors can't deduct classes in biology.